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WellMind Center

1400 North Dutton Avenue, Suite 6,
Santa Rosa, CA, 95401



  • Jennifer P. Beck, MD

WellMind Center is dedicated to helping patients get back to living their lives... without depression. 

About Dr. Beck:

Dr. Beck graduated from University of California, San Diego Medical School in 1992 and returned to San Diego for her residency in General Psychiatry and Chief Residency at the Outpatient Psychiatric Services at UC San Diego. As Chief Resident, she supervised and taught psychiatry and psychopharmacology to Psychiatry residents, Family Medicine residents, psychology interns and medical students. Following Chief Residency, she completed a fellowship at the VA Medical Center in San Diego where she

worked in a multidisciplinary team of geriatric health professionals and served as an Assistant Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry at UCSD. Dr. Beck has been in private practice in Sonoma County since 1999.

Dr. Beck believes that each patient is unique and, realizing that all patients respond differently to treatment, she tailors their care based on a variety of treatment options incorporating psychotherapy, diet and exercise, TMS therapy, and medication management. She believes that an integrative and comprehensive approach to mental well-being is critical and strives to achieve this by working as a team with patients, family members, psychotherapists, primary care physicians and other healthcare providers.

Scope of practice:

While she specializes in geriatric psychiatry, treating patients with neurodegenerative cognitive disorders or late-life mood and anxiety disorders, she also enjoys working with her younger adults who suffer from a variety of psychiatric illnesses. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Beck has worked as a consulting psychiatrist at St. Joseph Outpatient Behavioral Health Services in Santa Rosa, leading a team of behavioral health care providers to treat more acute psychiatric patients. Dr. Beck also directs the care for many needy patients through programs of the County of Sonoma Behavioral Health Division.

WellMind Center has successfully worked with a number of insurance companies to help patients with the cost of TMS therapy.